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INS Consulting provides a complete end-to-end solution for your business’s infrastructure, networking and software needs.

Our services reflect a focus on helping Australian businesses to deliver the best possible commercial outcomes in the most efficient ways possible. We can help you to design and establish robust IT systems end-to-end, from proactive managed services through to disaster recovery solutions and growth strategies.

INS Consulting specialises in

We Can Be Your In-house IT Team

We love working with smart and efficient small-medium Australian businesses who capitalise on MSPs like INS Consulting; we operate like your own in-house IT team. Ideally everyone would love full-time IT, but smaller businesses usually don’t have the luxury like enterprise businesses to hire one employee, let alone a whole team. This is the reason why small-medium businesses are now the chief target for cybercrime.

Criminals have realised the vulnerabilities of smaller businesses, ranging from residential grade hardware, lack of security policies, irregular patching, and lack of basic knowhow. Don’t let your business be a sitting duck targeted by cyber-criminals – the disruption is expensive, stressful and can prove absolutely catastrophic to growing businesses. INS Consulting provides simple, effective and expert solutions that are tailored to your business.

Dedicated Managed Services

Each client receives a dedicated primary technician backed by a support team as well as a monthly time allowance towards your site. This monthly time allowance goes towards day-to-day support, but more importantly proactive maintenance, user training, and the development of IT policies and procedures for your business. The more proactive work we do, the less day-to-day issues you will experience, which increases uptime, reliability and overall productivity.

One monthly cost covers all day-to-day support and maintenance. This allows you to budget and track your spend and allows us to have enough resources available to provide the best level of service.

Server/Computer Solutions

Are you looking to upgrade your servers due to age or lack of performance?
INS Consulting can provide server infrastructure whether it be highly-available clustered environments, single-server solutions or hosted server environments.

Or are you looking at moving to a cloud solution such as Office365, Azure or Xero?
INS Consulting can help from providing upgrade or migration recommendations, through to managing or implementing the project.

Are you looking to update your PCs? Or provide portability to your employees?
INS Consulting can provide the latest hardware that is suitable for your business, whether it’s a graphics workstation, office PC, Ultrabook or a tablet. We can assist you in integrating cloud solutions with the right hardware for your team.

Network installations

Have you got more than one office location and/or remote employees and struggle to access company applications or data?
Are speeds so slow that they’re unusable? Or unreliable?
INS Consulting can assist. Australia is unique in that our internet connections are well below global standards, but with businesses keen to keep up with the world’s economy we need to implement innovative solutions. INS Consulting understands these limitations and our technical expertise allows us to provide the best possible options for your business.

Or, are you looking at expanding and want to know what would be involved?
We can design a solution for you to efficiently accommodate growth.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Are your key staff aware of your current disaster recovery plan?
What’s your expected downtime and action plan during an outage?
INS Consulting can assist with developing a best practice disaster recovery plan following the 3-2-1 methodology.

Auditing Services

Are you aware of the mandatory data breach laws that came into play in early 2018?
Are your systems as secure as you think?
Could you improve the way that your business uses technology everyday?

INS Consulting has over 10 years’ experience in:

Server and computer solutions

Network installations

Disaster recovery solutions

Day-to-day support

“Our relationship with INS Consulting has been a very positive experience and always informative. From our initial meeting, INS Consulting have been most interested in sorting out situations relevant to our specific business, thorough in their working approach and very proficient. They were able to fix a few problems that prior IT services could not solve. We are very impressed with INS Consulting’s competence. INS Consulting has improved our computer systems and has saved time in backups with less interruptions and downtime because our systems are now running more efficiently. Ideal Distributors would have no hesitation in referring them to anyone because of their exceptional technical capabilities, their fast, efficient and friendly service.”

Peter, Director, providing flooring products and services Australia wide

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