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Best practices have been developing for decades when it comes to backups; from grandfather-father-son, Tower of Hanoi or just simply First in, First out. What they all have in common is that they follow the 3-2-1 principle; 3 copies of your data, 2 types of media storage, and 1 offsite location. For example, you have data on a Finance network drive on a server, which backs up to a backup server onsite, which then replicates offsite to another backup server. The data is located on at least 3 different servers, 2 separate storage systems, and 1 offsite location.

NextGen malware such as ransomware is only making the fight against cybercrime even more and more difficult. We can do our best to combat this with a combination of security policies, best practices and user education, but a foolproof disaster recovery solution is paramount.

INS Recovery is an end-to-end offsite disaster recovery solution exclusive to INS Consulting.

INS Recovery offers more than just an offsite storage location:

  • immediately verifies newly created image files
  • periodically re-verifies existing image files
  • automatically boots via integrated StorageCraft VirtualBoot™ technology, providing an email with attached screenshot of the System Login Screen

Benefits Of INS Recovery

  • 24/7 monitoring is undertaken by INS Consulting, with daily success/failure alerts
  • Peace of mind knowing that your systems are backed up properly and you are protected against natural disasters and cyber attacks
  • Melbourne-based storage enables INS Consulting to retrieve backup images without delays – no lost time waiting on a delivery from interstate

Need professional services? We can help spec out your onsite backup solution, and work it into INS Recovery. Contact us now.

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