APNA Case Study

The Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association is the peak body and professional membership association for all nurses working outside hospital settings in Australia.

Before working with INS Consulting, APNA had used a hosted server environment for our applications, email and files, and an on-premises storage solution for larger files, alongside an on-premises phone system.

The hosted server environment was running outdated software, and we found it clunky to transfer files to and from. We also found that the on-premises storage solution froze for staff members on a regular basis. 80% of the team were using desktop computers, with our hardware average age being about 5 years. We did not have a consistent approach to IT and were really struggling as a result due to ad-hoc IT procurement.

Because we were using a legacy system, our outsourced IT provider did not provide value in supporting our systems and keeping our team efficient. Our low point was realising that team members no longer bothered calling to report IT issues because the tickets were raised, but rarely resolved. At the time, staff surveys showed that the number one issue for our team was IT.

In 2018, APNA launched a program to actively grow the organisation. This included investing in a new, larger office and new systems to enhance our capability. We set out to find a new technology partner who could guide us through an update our systems and services to better fit with our ambition. We wanted to reset our previous technology experiences and feel valued as clients, like our problems mattered and that we were worth the effort to get things fixed. We wanted to feel that we were working in partnership, being well advised, and being listened to.

INS Consulting provided strategic advice that gave us a clear path to be able to strengthen our technological and security profile. This was provided without pressure. Recommendations came with clear explanations and a plan with an achievable timeframe. The team looked at how to best implement those changes within our budget and at the most appropriate and strategic time. We worked together to navigate a logical sequence to update our systems.

We migrated to a fully cloud-based platform with much stronger on-premises and cloud security. We implemented a cloud-managed Wi-Fi platform that was fit for purpose and allowed us to seamlessly manage team and visitor requirements. Moving to Microsoft 365 allowed us to implement Microsoft Teams prior to the pandemic which greatly enhanced our business continuity and team connectedness during a critical time. We also implemented a new finance system that integrated into Microsoft Azure Active Directory, and a new cloud based VOIP phone system.

This was all completed within 18 months during a period when our organisation doubled in size.
A testament to the quality of the advice and technology implementation is that while working to support nurses throughout the pandemic, the updates and changes to our systems have held up with no interruptions to service during these unprecedented times.
Critically, we’re positioning APNA for the future. Our hardware now has an average age of 2 years, and every team member has a standardised laptop, docking station, monitors, and peripherals including a headset. This means that we have a young, standardised fleet of IT equipment which eliminates a lot of the IT pitfalls that frustrate the team and lead to lower productivity. Because we had all of this set up, we were able to seamlessly move to working remotely during the pandemic, providing us with a competitive edge to keep supporting nurses, while looking after our team.

The annual strategic review has kept us on track, and INS’ no fuss approach provides us with confidence that we don’t have blind spots. IT is no longer a source of frustration for our team, and instead of wasting time on IT problems, it is now an active part of our strategic planning and a critical part of our future growth.

Importantly, they make it so we can spend more of our time on helping our members keep Australia healthy.

INS Consulting has over 10 years’ experience in:

Server and computer solutions

Network installations

Disaster recovery solutions

Day-to-day support

“We are a family-owned and operated business that relies on companies like INS Consulting to make sure we have the right technology, direction and give us the performance we need. INS’ constant monitoring and service is excellent. They always listen to our issues and work with us to devise realistic and positive solutions. They are honest, transparent and very friendly and are always there when we require their expertise. What really makes the difference for us is that INS Consulting’s understanding of our business and their commitment towards us as their client. We can rely on INS to deliver the right solution for MAC. Their honest advice and feedback is truly important and they go out of their way to provide the best service and advice possible. We have no hesitation in recommending INS Consulting as a reliable, innovative and trust-worthy IT company.”

Robyn, Manager, providing machining and manufacturing services Melbourne wide

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