Westwire Electrics Case Study

As a renowned electrical contracting company that has been operating for over 50 years, we are experts at what we do. With over 20 admin staff and 50 electricians working both on and off site, strong cyber security is a necessity.

INS Consulting helped us transition to a proactive approach towards cyber security. They supported us in transitioning to more secure systems which are all centrally monitored and managed.

They helped us migrate from Gmail to Microsoft, providing us with unlimited support throughout the transition. This opened the door for new features, better compliance, and easier overall management. With their support we now feel confident in knowing we are well protected from outside threats.

Access to Microsoft Teams allowed us to chat even when we are working from home, and the video conferencing capabilities have made working together a lot easier. We have also adopted SharePoint as our virtual document storage, all of which integrates together into an intuitive system.

They have also helped us with compliance by blocking logins outside of Australia, helping us to set up multifactor authentication to protect our accounts, and retaining the emails and files of past staff. This has streamlined how we use technology in our office and helped us to feel more secure in our systems.

Our staff can also now login on any company computer, allowing for more flexible access to our systems. Not only that, but INS manages all our devices, meaning that regardless of who is using the device, they can provide reliable, friendly support. They helped us to improve our systems, so now the way that we use our IT has become much more streamlined. For us, it has helped us feel more confident not only in our systems, but in how we use them. It has made dealing with our technology a lot easier, knowing they are just a call away.

By working with them, we have also found it much easier to manage our technological resources. They not only track what computers and devices we are already using, but they also recommend products that will work well with existing devices. This ensures compatibility across our systems, allowing us to focus on what we do best.

Main benefits of working with INS Consulting for us has been:

  • Improved our cyber security, confident knowing we are protected from threats
  • Migrated our emails from Gmail to Microsoft, unlimited support throughout the transition
  • Quick resolutions to technical issues that arise
  • Introduced Microsoft, which allows our team to log onto any computer which is convenient
  • Our company IT process’ are way more streamlined
  • Easy to order more computers or laptops as they keep track of what you have previously ordered and what will work well for our systems that we use.
  • Accessibility throughout COVID became a lot simpler, allowing our team to log on through any computer to access company resources, remote meetings via Team

INS Consulting has over 10 years’ experience in:

Server and computer solutions

Network installations

Disaster recovery solutions

Day-to-day support

“We are a family-owned and operated business that relies on companies like INS Consulting to make sure we have the right technology, direction and give us the performance we need. INS’ constant monitoring and service is excellent. They always listen to our issues and work with us to devise realistic and positive solutions. They are honest, transparent and very friendly and are always there when we require their expertise. What really makes the difference for us is that INS Consulting’s understanding of our business and their commitment towards us as their client. We can rely on INS to deliver the right solution for MAC. Their honest advice and feedback is truly important and they go out of their way to provide the best service and advice possible. We have no hesitation in recommending INS Consulting as a reliable, innovative and trust-worthy IT company.”

Robyn, Manager, providing machining and manufacturing services Melbourne wide

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